Newsclip®: [Business] What next for Greece? Loan averts crisis but debt still huge -

"After an 11-hour meeting lasting into the early hours Wednesday, European officials agreed to unfreeze more rescue loans and to consider ways to lighten Greece's debt load. There won't be fears of a disastrous default and forced exit from the euro currency, as there were before Greece sealed a similar deal in July, 2015. The country, however, is still far from safe financially or economically, meaning its crisis could yet flare up and once again cause jitters for the global economy. In particular, Germany and the European states want Greece to run a budget surplus — when not counting debt interest payments — of 3.5 percent of annual GDP. Germany, the most influential of the governments that loaned Greece money, is reluctant to go to its parliament for approval of more breaks for Greece ahead of national elections in October 2017. For their part, the eurozone governments made an unspecified commitment to ease the payment terms of some bailout loans, without",

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