Newsclip®: [Entertainment] Review: 'Neighbors 2' is a funny but ill-conceived retread -

"In Nicholas Stoller's sequel to his 2014 'Neighbors,' even the with-it girls — the ones too freethinking to join a cookie-cutter sorority — are so dumb they make the bros in the first movie look like elder statesmen. [...] in their awkward attempt to shoehorn these kids into the first pic's formula, Stoller and his writing collaborators care far less about creating believable characters than getting to the next laugh. [...] viewers prone to worries about Hollywood's treatment of women — a fair chunk of whom are young students this film wants to attract — may be laughing less loudly than those around them. A set piece involving a massive weed heist at a tailgate party provides weird madcap action, and yes, it offers the frequently shirtless Efron the opportunity to strip-tease for panting college girls. [...] especially in a sequel that deprives its adult female lead of the comic opportunities she did so well with in the first film,",

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