Newsclip®: [Entertainment] Game of Thrones: The Night's King's Return Delivers a Heartbreaking Death -

"After being in the Vale just last episode, Littlefinger somehow manages to make it from the Wall faster than the Sand Snakes made it onto Trystane's boat. A teary-eyed Petyr displays so much emotion here it seems completely out of character. [...] it appears Littlefinger is genuinely repentant, swearing he'd do anything to go back in time and keep Sansa away from Ramsay. [...] just as the crowd begins to turn in Yara's favor, Euron (Pilou Asbaek) shows up to emasculate Theon and spout some sexist sh-- about Yara. Later, Bran's ego gets the best of him and he secretly returns to Vision World without the Raven's permission. The Night's King is able to see Bran and grabs him by the arm, thus destroying the cave's protective spell and turning Bran into a glaring GPS beacon for the White Walkers. Before they can book it out of there, Bran plugs back into Vision World, forcing his friends to fight off the Night's King's army while he",

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