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    "The Impossible Burger — a hotly awaited, laboratory-created, all-plant product meant to look, taste and smell like beef and even ooze “blood” — was unveiled Tuesday by its biochemist creator Patrick O. Brown and superchef David Chang. It’s taken Brown’s Impossible Foods lab five years and $80 million — $80 million — to turn out a burger I wouldn’t pay 80 cents for. And I definitely wouldn’t pay $12 for it, which is how much it will go for at Momofuku Nishi, Chang’s Chelsea restaurant that will start serving the burger on Wednesday. The Impossible Burger promises to wean a nation of carnivores off ground beef for the pleasures of wheat, potato protein, coconut oil, ever popular xanthan gum and a mysterious substance called heme. The end result of a five-year, Manhattan Project-like crusade by a team of “awesome scientists,” in Brown’s words, as well as nutritionists and chefs, the all-vegan",


    Clipped 4 months ago
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    "Bill Gates, Google invested in the Impossible Burger, the Silicon Valley burger that bleeds and sizzles like meat. Now Momofuku Nishi serves it.",


    Clipped 4 months ago


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