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    "Military leaders say we're about 10 years away from autonomous weapons systems that can decide without human intervention whether to inflict harm, but a recent report suggests the Pentagon needs to use that time to get ahead of adversaries who may use the technology for evil. Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, this week talked about the terminator conundrum, where adversaries build autonomous weapons systems that can make lethal targeting decisions. I think we do need to examine the bodies of law and convention that might constrain anyone in the world from building that kind of a system. But I'm wholly conscious of the fact that even if we do that, there will be violators, he said at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event. While he said the U.S. could get dangerously close to that line, it's a very bright line Americans are determined not to cross. Equipment may become autonomous, but the decision of whether to strike will always rest",


    Clipped 1 month ago
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    "Pentagon scientists worry that the U.S. could be on the losing side of a AI arms race.",


    Clipped 2 months ago


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