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    "PHOENIX (AP) — Federal investigators blame the Marine Corps, the Air Force and the pilot and operator of a privately-owned military jet for the death of a Marine killed last year when the jet crashed into his truck in Arizona. The pilot, an active-duty Air National Guard A-10 pilot flying as a contractor for Quincy, Illinois-based Air USA, Inc., told investigators the aircraft's nose 'became light' as he approached takeoff speed. The NTSB concluded the pilot set the aircraft trim to a setting that made its nose lift off early and that it's likely he 'instinctively' pulled back on the control stick to initiate takeoff when he felt the plane rising. The NTSB blamed the Air Force for failing to oversee operations of its contractors, saying that it did not follow a Defense Department directive that all contractor aircraft must be assessed and an ongoing oversight program put in place. '[...] because the airplane's missions were flown under",


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