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    "Tess comes to New York in the summer of 2006, 22 and aching for adventure. Things seem to fall into place when she aces an interview at a famous restaurant in Union Square — unnamed, but bearing quite a bit of resemblance to Danny Meyer's famed Union Square Cafe, where the author actually worked — and enters the world of fine dining that's equal parts glamour and drudgery.",


    Clipped 4 months ago
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    "Stephanie Danler has one piece of advice for the thousands of 22-year-old men and women moving to New York City each year despite the lack of entry-level jobs: Get a gig in the service industry. “Any time you have the ability to take a job with that time-to-money ratio, where it’s in your favor and you can maintain some quality of life, you should take that job,” advises Danler, now 32 and splitting her time between Los Angeles and NYC. Of course, she knows a thing or two about starting from scratch in the Big Apple. As a 22-year-old in 2006, she moved to the city straight out of Kenyon College in Ohio. Unlike so many men and women who move to the city with big dreams, Danler’s plan was much more straightforward: To work in restaurants. “I didn’t move here to become a writer,” says Danler. “I had parts of a novel I thought would be easy to finish, but I’d been working at restaurants since I was 15. I knew",


    Clipped 4 months ago


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