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    "WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Oklahoma City center Steven Adams is breaking new ground as a New Zealander succeeding at the top levels of the NBA, and the jubilation of his fans back home seemed little dimmed by his comments that caused a stir in the U.S. After his team's victory in Game 1 of the Western Conference final Monday, Adams described Golden State's guards as 'quick little monkeys' in an on-court interview. There are also significant numbers of Pacific islanders and Asians but few Africans or African Americans. '[...] in the United States with a high proportion of African Americans in the population, who have received and still receive extensive racial discrimination, a term like that is received differently,' wrote David Mayeda in an email. Graeme Yule, the headmaster at Scots College in Wellington, where Adams went to high school, said Adams arrived at the school 'a bit lost' after his father died and he had all but given",


    Clipped 5 months ago
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    "Steven Adams has apologised for using the term 'little monkeys' but should he have? Wynne Gray and Cameron McMillan take opposing sides.",


    Clipped 5 months ago


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